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My services and approach are completely client centric, meaning I work with you, not for you. If you need motivational support to reach your potential - get in touch today.

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Whatever your goals are and wherever you are on your journey, together we can reach them, no matter how big or small they may seem.

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The benefits you will receive from a healthy diet and lifestyle go far beyond just looking good.

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We are all individuals and therefore one size does not fit all. You are unique and require advice tailored specifically for you.

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Tailored training specifically for you


Fun, varied group exercise


Train anywhere in the world

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8 week Nutrition and Lifestyle course


4 week training programmes

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Real People, Real Results

I didn’t think PT was for me- until I met Graeme. From our first meeting he listened to what I wanted from our sessions and helped me identify and refine my goals. Each session he designed was different and interesting, working different muscle groups and challenging me to push myself and increase my cardiovascular fitness. Graeme is brilliant at recognising how to adapt exercises to ensure they remain challenging, but also achievable. I noticed a clear change in my fitness, appearance and confidence over a short period. These changes were measurable and consistent.

What makes Graeme different from other PTs is he really listens and adapts to his clients, for example he was able to identify if I’d had a stressful day and would make sure I spent some time boxing to help me de-stress! He also clearly has an in-depth knowledge of the science behind exercise and this really comes through in his style of workouts.

I would highly recommend Graeme, whether you are completely new to the gym, wanting a boost to your fitness regime or needing some inspiration for new ways to keep fit

Jessica Sohan

I used Graeme as my Personal Trainer because he offers smart training with efficient and intelligent ways of strengthening your body, recover, injury rehab/prevention etc. He tailors your training to build and support performance in your sports/passions (for me climbing, skiing, surfing, etc). I also find Graeme very adaptable/flexible with his prescribed training depending on where you are on that day, week and that really makes a difference.

Niall Cluley

I chose a personal trainer for the same reasons as most inexperienced people. I had no idea what to do in the gym. I was your typical, charge for the treadmill and try to run for 30 minutes every day. Graeme was exceptional from the beginning. I was eager to try anything out of my comfort zone in the gym from functional training, weights and interval training. He has tailored each session for me and always pushes me to achieve more. He listens and picks up on my good and bad days and adapts the sessions accordingly. When I’m frustrated, out come the boxing gloves, if I’m feeling strong, heavy legs session have been planned: and I have broken personal bests! I have gone from being afraid of heavy weights to falling in love with Olympic lifting. And trust me, there is a lot of technique with that and Graeme has the patience of a saint. He will persevere until you get it right.
I wanted a PT for a month or so …. To get some confidence in what I was doing. That was almost 7 years ago. There’s so much variety in his training and I am yet to have a session where I didn’t feel challenged.

Raluca Razoare

Graeme has just the right balance of advice, patience and expertise to help motivate and keep my fitness goals on track. Having just finished an hour session with him I feel better now than I did before, proving to me how regular and consistent exercise with Graeme sharpens concentration levels, awareness, wellbeing and all my senses. His flexible approach includes sessions online from my home or hotels so there is no excuse when I am physically unable to visit the gym! I strongly recommend trying out a few sessions with Graeme to assess how he can help improve your wellness and, like me, I won’t be surprised if you’re still with him in months or even years to come!

Quentin Griffiths

My name is Gavin Sloyan and Graeme has been my personal trainer since 2012. When I first met Graeme I was training to be a personal trainer so to gain knowledge I trained with as many personal trainers as possible. During my personal trainer course I had to do an assignment on nutrition and weight management and thought I should get some help as it was proving very difficult. A number of personal trainers from various gyms said they could help me which I was very relieved about however not for long. After working with a number of personal trainers on my assignment it became quite clear to me that I knew more than they did! I was very worried about this as I couldn't find anyone that could help me and I didn't want to fail my assignment. Then a friend that I worked with told me about Graeme and his knowledge of nutrition and that he would definitely be able to help me. After my first session with Graeme I was so relieved! He was able to assist with everything I was struggling with in the assignment. I was shocked at just how knowledgeable he was. I got a 90 % pass in my assignment which I would not have passed without him, but I decided then to start training with him each week. From chest and biceps to abs, back and even legs which he was always telling me to train! Whenever I train with Graeme he will tell me what we are doing and why we are doing it and what muscles will be used. Whenever I have an injury Graeme will always have a great suggestion of how to treat it and what the best course of action is. From training with Graeme my knowledge has expanded so much and not to mention the improvements in my health and fitness. It’s not just Graeme's knowledge that is exceptional, but he is a great guy that would get along with anybody and his passion for his job is second to none. I cannot recommend Graeme enough as anyone who trains with him will be sure to see huge improvement in their physical goals.

Gavin Sloyan

Graeme has been my personal trainer and friend since 2011. I train with him once a week sometimes twice. I have Parkinsons since 2007 and my main issues are balance and mobility.
The early sessions with Graeme were balance related and strength exercises using the gym equipment and weights e.g. weighted Bean bags, Bosu, medicine ball, balance bike, treadmill. Also some posture training, stretching, stamina, hand eye coordination and as my condition has changed so has my training. I have developed a limp due to my right side body not always engaging with the brain and Graeme and I have found ways of improving this, some physically and some mentally. If I'm having a bad day he will always adjust the session and is encouraging and positive.
When you have a disability you feel so vulnerable but Graeme always makes me feel normal and we have a laugh! My fitness is very good and it helps me with day to day life. The main thing that Graeme has achieved throughout my journey is that he makes the exercises fun and competitive! He never lets me win and I always have to fight for it. I can't imagine life without Graeme being my personal trainer and I owe him a lot.

Kay Farnden

Graeme has been my personal trainer for nearly 5 years. Prior to meeting him I had been an intermittent gym user with varying results and I had never had a personal trainer before. I have weekly sessions with him and over this time I have lost 7cms from my middle, vastly improved my overall fitness, kept my weight stable and noticed huge improvement in the strength in my legs and core. The sessions he plans are challenging but always fun and varied and over the years he has become a good friend. He has kept me motivated and my gym attendance is now much more consistent. He is very reliable and flexible when organising training sessions and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Sarah Clark

I was always very active which kept me fit and stress free, however in September of 2016 I lost my leg, above the knee in a hit & run. My whole life changed dramatically and I could no longer workout like I used to. It left me overweight and severely depressed.
I needed help in order to adapt my exercise regime and now needed to strengthen parts of my body that I hadn’t needed to before. I was lost, out of my depth & needed professional help.
I tried various personal trainers but nobody had the expertise or experience to help with my dilemma, until I came across Graeme.
Graeme not only has a vast amount of knowledge, he has years of experience, is dedicated and passionate about the industry and has even written a book on how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in to your daily routine. Graeme has researched things on my behalf and has even liaised with my physiotherapist who is equally impressed with him.
Since having regular sessions with Graeme my life has really turned around. I have lost weight, become fitter, strengthened my core, which in turn makes it easier to wear my prosthetic. I feel stronger physically & mentally and look forward to my training sessions. Each one is different and as a result it’s always fun and enjoyable. I can’t recommend Graeme enough.

Natalie Griffiths

I have engaged with Graeme's personal training service for many years now and this is because I am very happy with the way in which he works and the results I can achieve with his guidance.  I believe he is a very knowledgeable trainer and is always ready with new ideas to keep my training routines fresh.  Graeme is patient and knows when to push his clients with their efforts and technique, but also when to take things a little easier at times!  He has attention to detail in terms of technique and training safely for results.  I have always found Graeme to be personable and reliable.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to others, as I have done in the past.

Chris Miles

I’ve been training regularly with Graeme since 2014, so I’ve obviously been impressed with his skills as a personal trainer.

There are three standout reasons for our long-lasting relationship ….

Personal Interaction

Graeme is a well-educated guy who’s very easy to get on with, and the moments between the exercises are interspersed with light, entertaining conversation. However, at the same time, he’s constantly focussed on what I’m doing and will always spot and correct any errors in the execution of an exercise. I therefore have the re-assurance of knowing that he’s not only maximising the benefit of my hard work but also helping me to avoid injuries.

Exercise Program

Graeme’s diligent in establishing his clients’ requirements and in uncovering any historical or current medical conditions that need to be factored into the program. His “toolbox” contains a wide variety of exercises for every aspect of training. He’s highly creative in coming up with new versions of them that are demanding but also often good fun. And he’s great at modifying any exercise that doesn’t work for me as it should or that I’m struggling to execute. Consequently, the sessions never become stale.


Graeme has spent a lot of time rehabilitating patients, young and not so young, and he’s great at coming up with exercises for both major and minor injuries. To give a personal example, I recently arrived at a morning session with a pain running down my left leg from knee to ankle. Recognising it as a nerve problem, Graeme suggested that we spend the hour concentrating on stretches for the leg and lower back. Sure enough, by the afternoon the leg was stiff but not painful, and by the next morning it was completely back to normal.

I’m therefore delighted to be able to recommend his services here.

Chris Booth

We first met Graeme when we signed

up to his My Weigh course. Low on motivation after years of training but not seeing the results we were expecting, we wanted something more than just another trainer…we got Graeme!

He holds you accountable…he will educate you, will encourage you to question what you thought you knew about food, all while having fun.

Training as a couple is not a new concept but it’s rare that you can find a Personal Trainer who can adapt any workout to train different levels at the same time with both of you feeling ‘worked’ at the end of the session. 

We have been introduced to so many different exercises and movements, you don't know variety until you have trained with Graeme.


Graeme’s knowledge of the muscular function of the human body has meant that he has been able to work alongside my physio to get me fighting fit following an operation on my knee. Not only has he been able to adapt training to assist with my physio but through his own experiences he has been able to empathise when I’ve had a knock back, or things haven’t worked out quite as I’d expected.

This has been invaluable to me because his positive approach has kept me coming back to training when it would have been easy to give up, but apparently though, I did all the hard work!


Since training with Graeme I have noticed remarkable improvements in my physique, strength and flexibility.

He has really brought the fun element into training which makes every training day something to look forward to instead of dread; even leg day… We often have a nice ache after sessions where you can feel the muscles you have worked and it is really quite satisfying.

Bex James and Lee Dean

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