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7 tips to help you pick a PT that's right for you

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Fitness influencers are dominating our social media channels, and it’s fantastic to see so many inspirational people out there to follow and encourage us to find a love with fitness.

And whether a fitness veteran or newbie, working with a Personal Trainer might be something you’re considering to help you reach your health and fitness goals. But you might be struggling to know where to start.

Here are some of my top tips to help make your search for a PT a little easier:

1. Most importantly, are they qualified?

You might be surprised to know that not all fitness enthusiasts are qualified to train others (but they do!). Personal Trainers need at least a Level 3 Personal Training qualification from a reputable education provider. If your needs are more specific, i.e. ante/post-natal or injury rehab, ask if they are qualified in this area too. Oh, and only a qualified nutritionist should be tailoring meal plans so be very careful here.

2. Are they insured?

Insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but having it does show a Personal Trainers commitment to your health and safety. Not all insurance covers online training either, so make sure you check this.

3. How experienced are they?

New Personal Trainers are very green, and that enthusiasm is fantastic. Being fresh to the industry isn’t a negative; however, with mixed research showing the average career lifespan of a Personal Trainer can be as short as 6 months, not all will be able to offer you the long-term commitment you might be looking for. Their length of industry experience is something to bear in mind.

4. Do they have Terms and conditions?

OK, so not the most exciting thing, but you do need to know where you stand, as does your trainer. Asking for a contract and terms and conditions before starting can help you avoid any awkward conversations down the line. You can also ask questions and clarify anything that you’re unsure of.

5. Can they fit you in?

So, you’ve found someone you like. Someone that gets your goals and they’re affordable. However, before you commit to 10 sessions upfront, check they can fit you in at a time you wish to train. If you can only train at 6am on a Wednesday and they already have a client at that time, or they don’t start work until 8am, then that won’t suit you. You both need to be flexible, but remember, you are the paying customer.

6. Do they offer a thorough consultation?

This is a must in my opinion. I know that you might be raring to go, but if you have not told them your goals, discussed your medical and injury history or spoken about lifestyle, nutrition and had you posture and movement analysed; then how can your Personal Trainer train you correctly? This should be completed before training commences and most Personal Trainers (not all) will offer this for free, or for a reasonable charge.

7. Do you get on with them?

They are going to become a part of your weekly life. You will be spending hours with them. There needs to be trust, honesty, professionalism and of course, fun. I am privileged to say that the majority of my clients over the years are still friends of mine, one is even going to be an usher at my wedding. If you don’t get along with them then you are going to be having a negative experience to exercise, and exercise should have a positive influence on your life, and so should your Personal Trainer.

Hopefully you feel less daunted, more sure and ready to reach your fitness goals with a Personal Trainer that complements your vision. Remember, a style and way of exercising has to suit you because it should be fun, not something you dread.

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